Life And Teachings Of Shri Chitrabhanuji
The Key to a Higher Plan of Life
In a higher plan of life, we place emphasis on goodness, beauty, happiness and harmony. We can experience this through the chanting of mantras, such as Namokar Mantra. It produces harmonious vibration of love, kindness and amity. These vibrations can heal pain, illness and suffering. It also removes tensions and negative passions, thus enabling us to experience our real self – a blissful state of mind. The negative passions are often a part of our day-to-day life which are generated by our greed, envy and resentment. The virtue of goodwill and gesture of cooperation often remain dormant. We even forget the normal human courtesies and warmth in interpersonal relationships. Our aggressive behavior and mad pursuit of wealth and power blind us and we fail to make proper discrimination and choices of positive goals in life.

The use of deeper insight will help to have a broader perspective and improve our way for the solution of the knotty problems of life. For instance, at St. Peters (in Rome?) there was a big boulder in the middle of the street. The authorities wanted to make the street straight. The boulder needed to be removed. Every one thought that a solution was to lift it. However, it was too big and too heavy. One man worked from thoughts inside, and instead of lifting the boulder, he suggested it be pushed into a big pit to be dug nearby. Thus, he showed by example that by using insight and perceiving things from different angles, we have a better chance to solve a problem. In the absence of such thinking, we can be stuck and lose our patience. Bhagwan Mahavir, over 2500 years ago, suggested that anything you emphasize in your subconscious is expressed through the conscious into your conduct. Whatever seed you plant in the ground, it will sprout. It is the simple law of nature. Similarly, in case of human beings, if we want to alter our life, we will have to change the attitude of mind. Making a proper choice in life’s goals is important. This way you can go as high as you want and can change the quality of life. The attitudinal change can raise the altitude of life by weaning out the effects of negative forces and allowing the divine promptings. William James, a well-known American psychologist, felt the need to bring about a change in the negative aspects of human conduct. Based on his deep thinking, introspection and observation, he suggested in his writing that by altering the inner attitude one can change the outer life. In other words, the key to outer life lies in our inner self. A vision inward enables us to discover our real inner self. It provides us an insight that leads us to choose positive life goals. Cultivating constructive life- attitudes and building of required habit patterns lead to positive life goals. The thinking of William James made a great impact on human life. People started thinking that we have the control to alter the outer aspects of life. Theoretically, if you want to change, then change the desire or the inner mechanism. By controlling the inner mechanism, one can control its outer manifestations. The internal accuracy mechanism determines the outside display and its accuracy or correctness.

Gurudev Shri Chitrbhanuji suggests that by looking into the self, one can get insight to change outer aspects and even create miracles. Once he was traveling by air from Chicago to New York. It was a large size plane with a full load of passengers, their baggage, lots of food, water, gasoline and many other things. He marveled that so much weight was being lifted in the air. He felt it like a miracle in front of his eyes. He realized how the insight of the Wright Brothers translated their idea into a miracle. In order to get deeper flashes of inner creative insight, we have to do away with outer coverings which we have acquired from the past. These coverings hide our intrinsic nature and make unhealthy impact on our thoughts and conduct. We need to get rid of them. By clinging to the past is like anchoring the boat to the harbor and not allowing it to move. Unless we lift the anchor, we are not able to create. Our strength lies in our creativity and inner realization in divine powers hidden within us. Without that, we are weak and helpless. We have to awaken ourselves. By being in touch with the inner self, we are able to change our outside self significantly. Shri Gurudev explains this through the history of a girl. Even though the girl was a well-mannered one, she had developed a deep hatred for her mother. Mere thought of mother activated certain hostile feelings and behavioral reactions. Feeling extremely helpless and depressed, she came to Gurudev for counseling. Gurudev heard her and told her that help could not come to her outside but only from within herself. He advised her to meditate and dwell within herself and told her that insight would come. Following his advice she meditated and got in touch with her inner self. Her attitude changed towards life and her hostility diminished.

Gurudev elaborated that even world catastrophe could be averted if people kept in touch with their inner and deeper beings. He says that Hitler could not carry out his evil designs if people had followed their own conscience and not look for out-side help. Also the people would have come to the aid of victims of these atrocities sooner if they had listened to their inner self. He says that we must respect our inner powers; otherwise, there is little room for sublime changes. Others hurt us but we hurt ourselves more. Others hurt us just for a while but we hurt ourselves 24 hours a day. We do lots of negative things and we do not put stoppage to them. We even do not believe that we can stop them. If we do not stop them, who else can stop them? They are a part of our mind and so we are able to control them. Whenever you see that you are in a trap of violence or a trap of hostility, catch yourself and say, “Stop it.” You should be able to do it in the same way as you stop your car at a red light. You are conditioned to press the brake at the sight of the red light. Similarly, you can stop negative thinking and behavior at their first awareness and apply a brake on them. When you practice this regularly and consistently, you build up adequate conditioning for a positive pattern of behavior. When we are being true to ourselves, we know that we have no right to put down others. Others too have their ‘self’ and pattern of choice. To put down others amounts to violence. It creates a gulf between man and man. Remember you cannot say, “If you do not follow my religion, you will go to hell.” Such concepts should be dropped. They separate man from man. They are inappropriate and unjust. Gurudev elaborates about the continuous influence of advertise-ments in our day-to-day life. According to him advertisements are mostly illusions, full of deceptions; claims made are too big, long and large. They are often repeated and force the people to believe them. They try to effectively change our mind, generate new desires, and impel us to buy. They obsess us with new and multiple desires. Under their influence, we cease to be free agents. We forget that we are not able to make the real choice. When we fail to fulfill our desires under inducement, we feel small and become depressed. In this context, we are reminded of what Hitler once said, “If you tell a lie, it should be long enough, big enough, and people will believe it.” Advertising agencies make full use of this technique and prove his point. But we can nullify this effect. We can always remember that nothing is better and greater than ourselves. Things are inert matter while we are alive. We must feel alive. In the beginning it is difficult. Even if you smile, people will question, “Why are you smiling?” Often it is not easy to smile or to say “hello” or to wish “good morning” to fellow men. Some force definitely holds us back. We have been conditioned to withhold such expressions. Let us start to be ourselves. We should talk to ourselves and ask, “Am I feeling good?” “Can I choose?” “Do I choose?” “I do choose!” “It is my body!” “It is my brain!” The inner sublime power from within me will give beautiful insight. “I shall grasp it and make creative use in my life.” The question arises as to how can we have a grip on “insight”? For this we have to remove the coverings with which we have conditioned ourselves - the coverings of greed, anger, envy, etc. We have acquired these coverings and they have come to stay with us. They make us unhappy, angry, resentful and depressed. We have to think and decide, “Do we really want them?” or “Do we choose to get rid of them?” The choice should be ours. Other people can tell us a hundred things; we hear them but the final choice should be ours: it should be mine. Meditation helps us in making an appropriate choice. For effective meditation we drop the stresses. During stress, the mind is sulky. It cannot come in contact with “insight”. The decision under stress remains super-ficial. The following illustration proves the point: An angry man was passing through the street. He saw a blacksmith picking up a hot object from a furnace and throwing it into cold water. Sometime hence, the man had a fever. His body was burning. Remembering the instance of the blacksmith, he put himself into cold water and died. By taking an example from the outside without giving much thought, this man killed himself.
Remember that something which may be good for others may not be good for us. We must know our Self, where we are, and what the state of our body and mind is. Things are not good and bad in themselves; therefore, we should not blame things. We should consult ourselves. We should learn to relax and make our life stress free. We should learn to melt knots that build tension and stress. Practice meditation regularly. Recite Namokar Mantra daily. Remember that by changing inner attitude of mind, we can alter our outside. Sit in a quiet place, gently close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Practice the following steps every day and you can improve your daily life: -

Ask yourself each time:
a) What do I you want to be?
b) What do I want to choose?
c) Tell yourself, I want to be . . . . . . . . .
d) I choose . . . . . . . . . . .

Tell yourself, “Only I make myself happy.” Whisper quietly, “I am becoming happier and happier with every day that passes.”
Tell yourself, “No one makes me angry; only I make myself angry.” Repeat inside your mind, “I can control my anger.”
Listen to your inner self and repeat inside your mind, “I shall follow my own advice.” “Every day I shall let my inner self guide my outer life”.

Repeat inside your mind, “Each time I make a choice, I come closer to my inner self. Say to your self during each session, “I am gaining energy with everyday that passes.” “Energy is present in every part of my body.” Visualize the draining of tensions, negative vibrations, and hostile impulses from your body. Feel you have no jealousy, malice or ill will in your mind. Feel the freedom from negative aspects of your life. Feel the peace and positive energy freely flowing in your mind and body. Feel that your voice box is free from any blocks, impediments and impairments. Your breath is freely flowing through your voice box. Feel the warm, rhythmic, pleasant and soothing movements of your heart. 10. Visualize and feel alive, energetic, peaceful, blissful and calm. Experience the gradual rising altitude of your life with every day that passes. Repeatedly it has been experienced that regular meditation and practice of the above bring about changes in life and lead to gradual transformation of personality. It raises the attitude and altitude of life.